Removing Active Bee Hives

by admin .

Removing hives is a complex topic, but one that deserves time to be spent on it. As you may know, the location of the Queen is of critical importance to the entire colony, so disturbing an active hive is a risk business, especially if you are concerned for the welfare of the bees (as you should be!).

Professional help is always a requirement for hive removal, even if you are only planning to move it a few meters. As you might have guessed, and bees in the hive are likely to quickly become agitated, and it’s not a pleasant place to be without the necessary equipment once the hive is disturbed. You can go from a very calm environment to a very angry swarm in seconds, so preparation is key, as well as completing the job quickly in order to reduce the stress on our furry flying friends.

There are expert companies nationwide that can help, but one we regularly refer people to for the Los Angeles region are Unipest beehive removal services. They provide a fast and reliable service, and work with local beekeepers to look after the hive or colony once the removal is complete.

If you do choose to undertake a removal yourself, be sure to fully research and plan the project rather than just hope for the best.