Making a Bee Line For The Bee Hive

by admin .

Beekeeping is a lot of fun, contrary to popular belief. There’s very little in the way of stings, and a lot in the way of honey.

As most people know if they think about it, it’s female bees that sting, and if they do, they die fairly quickly afterwards. That’s one of the evolutionary reasons why they don’t attack unless they absolutely need to, the belief is that they’ve got an inbuilt instinct that it truly is the last resort.

Maintaining a bee hive is growing in popularity, particularly in rural areas, so we want to bring that hobby to the masses, and help more people embrace the trend.

Here at we’re going to be bringing you lots of information about these flying beauties, and maybe you’ll be tempted to get into real life beekeeping, rather than doing a little research on the web!

We hope you enjoy our website.